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Our Story

Avertus is a Canadian neurotechnology company composed of experienced business professionals, visionary academics, technological experts, and a talented engineering team.  Our core competencies are in the areas of development, manufacturing, and commercialization of superior grade biomedical devices.
Founded in 2012 by an epileptologist and a neuronal algorithm expert in neural works and algorithm development, Avertus is a leading company researching algorithms for seizure detection to improve the treatment for patients with epilepsy.

Our Mission

Design, produce and support headsets for neurologists and clinical technicians to lower overall health care cost for treating neurological related diseases.

Some Facts About Avertus


Patent families


Hours of EEG data processed


Research affiliates


Million people with epilepsy worldwide

Our Product

EEG Headset

Seizure Detection and Stimulation Algorithms

Software Platform

Research Applications

High-Accuracy Sensors

Clinical signal-quality, mobile sensors


Clinical Grade Signal Quality

Electrode level pre-processing
Local referencing instead of central to localize noise
Dry electrode contact unaffected by hair

High Frequency Capable

Sample up to 2,000 Hz per channel
Capture new features and patterns
Deploys in real time

Ease of Use

Can be worn all day long without discomfort
Can be worn anywhere non-intrusively
Quick setup to start collecting signals in 1 minute

Lower care cost for patients

Significantly less cost than traditional EEG machines
Enable more patients to receive care
Increase profit margin for health care providers


Custom configurations with flexibility
Additional modality to adapt to different needs
Capable to incorporate stimulatory modules

Distributed Computing Cloud

Bluetooth auto-upload from sensor to device
Secure platform for storing, encrypting, processing and sharing data


Web-based, secure, mobile, real-time


Secure Private Cloud

Secure private cloud data management
Multi-tiered secure user access model
Strong encryption during transit and at rest

Web Based EEG Monitoring

Fully compatible with major web browsers
Centralized updates reduce IT complexity
Real-time business intelligence engine

Mobile Wireless Integration

Headset integrates with mobile apps via Bluetooth
No device driver installation required
Collect, monitor and analzye in real-time anywhere
Video monitoring integrated with EEG

Media Release

Avertus In The News

Our Team

World class experience in biomedical technology management, research and product development


Doug Ball, BA, MA


Doug Ball

Doug is the founder and CEO of ZBx Corporation since 2002. In 1991, he co-founded Spectral Diagnostics Inc., the first Canadian biotech company to be listed on NASDAQ, National Markets. Under his management, many novel products have been successfully introduced into the market. Mr. Ball was a Vice President at Citibank Canada and a Representative with the Bank of Nova Scotia, New York.


Patricia Lorenz, MBA, CA, DVM


Patricia Lorenz

MBA, CPA, CA, DVM; Patricia has senior level financial and operating experience in the software, food manufacturing, publishing, retail and wholesale distribution (including consumer products and medical devices) industries in Canada, the US and Latin America. She also has patenting and licensing experience. She is CPA and CGMA in the US and a CPA, CA and Dr. of Veterinary Medicine in Canada and an experienced angel investor.


Ron Gonzalez, PhD, MBA


Ron Gonzalez

Ron, the President of Avertus, has been actively involved in the formation and advances of the company since its inception. After completing his MBA at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, his passion turned to the business of product origination and realization. After completing his MBA at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, his passion turned to the business of product origination and realization.

Peter L. Carlen, MD, FRCPC


Peter L. Carlen

Dr. Carlen is a clinical neurologist and epileptologist with over 35 years of expertise in the medical field (University of Toronto, University Health Network).  He has the responsibility for integrating the software and analysis with patients, and providing neurological, neurobiological and expertise for experimental testing.  Dr. Carlen is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Neurology, Toronto Western Hospital, the Department of Physiology, and the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto.


Berj Bardakjian, PhD, P.Eng

Biomedical Engineer/Founder

Berj Bardakjian

Dr. Bardakjian is an electrical and biomedical engineer and Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (University of Toronto).  He is responsible for developing artificial neural networks and novel signal processing tools for pattern recognition to characterize brain states based on the integration of the fundamental concepts of physics, chemistry and biology within an engineering perspective.


Alex Ni, MBA, CPA, CMA


Alex Ni

An accomplished senior technologist having completed a broad range of projects designing and implementing enterprise information systems in the spaces of telecommunication, digital media and consumer products, Alex brings 10+ years of software and IT experience to the Avertus leadership team. Alex also completed his MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University specializing in management accounting, and holds a CPA, CMA designation.


Mirna (Guirgis) Mohareb, PhD, EIT

Applied Research Manager

Mirna (Guirgis) Mohareb

Mirna is a biomedical engineer specializing in signal processing, machine learning, and brain state classification. She received a PhD from the University of Toronto in biomedical engineering with a focus on the spatiotemporal characterization of epileptic seizures.

Mohammadreza Dadkhah, PhD, P.Eng

Research and Development Manager

Mohammadreza Dadkhah

Mohammad is an accomplished engineer with keen interest in developing new technologies and strong insight in multidisciplinary projects. He received a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University.


Kishan Shah

Biotech Mechanical Engineer

Kishan Shah

Kishan is a Biotech Mechanical Engineer with a degree in Mechatronics engineering from University of Waterloo. He is skilled at product design and has keen interest in designing biomedical devices.


Stelios Sotiriadis, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Stelios Sotiriadis

Stelios is a computer scientist specializing in inter-clouds, future internet systems, clouds and in general with large scale distributed infrastructures. He received his PhD from the University of Derby in computer science, with a focus on inter-cloud meta-scheduling algorithms.


Evan Shang

Web Application Developer

Evan Shang

Evan is an expert web application developer in various Javascript frameworks such as Node, Angular JS, and other modern web frameworks. Evan is a passionate engineer who is dedicated to produce top-notch, progressive web applications. Evan is responsible for the Avertus EEG dynamic web application, and he is a core part of the Avertus technology team.


GL Louie Kim

Server Application Developer

GL Louie Kim

Louie is an expert server-side as well as web application developer wielding Spring, JavaEE, and proficient with several SQL database systems. His passion is full-stack application development, and also designs the various API's and is a core part of Avertus technology team.

Key Value Propositions

Key problems Avertus is solving

Problem 1: Low Capacity

400,000 people a year

Shortage in clinic space

Long waiting time - up to 18 months

Long setup time - 1 hr/patient

Disruptive for patient's lifestyle

Problem 2: High Cost


Price prohibitive for most clinics to get more than one

Requires professional to setup, maintain and operate

Longer service turn-around

Not mobile

Problem 3: Complex Process

1 hour setup

Trained technician required

Patient cannot self-monitor

Takes on average an hour to setup

Inconvenient for remote patients

Solution 1: Mobile Monitoring

Completely Mobile Solution

Patients take device home, save clinic space

Low wait-time, first come first serve

Short setup time: 30 seconds to put on

Worn anywhere, no impact on patient's normal day-to-day

Solution 2: Low Cost Solution

$2,500 to $3,500/device

Low price compared to traditional EEG machines

No need for professional setup, maintain and operate

Very fast service turn-around

Fully mobile

Solution 3: Simple Process

Under 1 minute to setup

Patient can perform setup independently

Patient can self-monitor

Takes one minute to setup

Remote patients can transmit and share data with healthcare providers easily

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Key Partners of Avertus


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Our headquarter is located in an industrial park 20 minutes north east of downtown Toronto, at Lawrence and Don Valley Parkway.

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