A dry electrode, mobile EEG with high-grade signal quality

Electrodes are designed to penetrate hair while providing comfort and pristine signal quality.
Compatible with Windows, OSX, Android and iOS platforms.

Resolution Matters

The H10C delivers stunning resolution and signal quality allowing for accurate analysis of EEG data for various applications. Avertus has taken the next step in collecting and analyzing EEG data with the new H10C. At 1000 samples per second/electrode at 20 bits/sample, the Avertus H10C has achieved a high signal-to-noise ratio rivaled by few mobile EEG devices on the market.

The images on the right compares the EEG signal from a different EEG device vs the EEG signal from the Avertus H10C. In the EEG data, eye blinks and alpha waves are clearly visible along with other brainwave patterns. Superior data quality allows more sophisticated applications to leverage high-resolution EEG collected. Whether the applications apply to BCI or neuroscience research, the H10C allows for accurate, precise data to be collected resulting in superior outcomes.

Intelligent Design

The H10C has been meticulously designed for functionality and comfort. Its lightweight, ergonomic design allows for multiple hours of use comfortably. Bluetooth technology is used to wirelessly connect to any smartphone, tablet or computer seamlessly.

Foam electrodes are used on FP1, FP2 and FPz to provide comfort where there is no hair. Spring-loaded, gold-plated electodes on FCz, F7, F8, T3, T4, T5, T6, O1 and O2 allow for hair penetration, comfort and high-quality EEG signals. Both the foam and spring-loaded electrodes are removable for easy cleaning, and replacement when needed. The H10C is adjustable with the easy-to-use Velcro straps provided giving it the ability to conform to most head shapes and sizes.

Technical Specifications Avertus Halo-10
Set Up Time 1 min
Battery Life 12 hours (rechargeable)

50 cm to 55 cm
55 cm to 60 cm
60 cm to 64 cm
Sampling Rate 1000 Hz at 20 bits/sample
Digital Sample Resolution 0.358µV
Input Impedance 1 GΩ
Reference Electrode Position FCz
Ground Electrode Position FPz
Channel Electrode Position FP1, FP2, F7, F8, T3, T4, T5, T6, O1, O2
Connectivity Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Cloud Storage Yes
Software Matlab Application, Google Chrome Application, Web Application