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Our platform is comprised of a wireless EEG headset, software programs for reading and recording EEG, and a cloud system for storing and analyzing your EEG data. A user will put on the headset and their brain waves will display on our software, this information can be modified then automatically uploaded to our cloud. This data can then be analyzed and used for various applications.
Avertus provides a platform for researchers, clinicians or developers to use in order to collect and analyze EEG data. The uses for this data is entirely up to the user. Applications such as neuromarketing, mental health research, clinical use and brain computer interfaces are just a few possibilities of EEG. To learn more, visit our applications page.
Yes, our H10C can be used with people of all ages. We have 3 sizes of headsets: small, medium and large. The dimensions are specified on our headset page. Each headset is adjustable with the Velcro straps provided with the headset so each headset size has a specified circumference range. Please ensure that you perform appropriate measurements before choosing a size.
We are currently in the process of 4 ground-breaking studies. For more information please contact us.

Technical Specifications

The signal quality has been of paramount importance when developing the new H10C. With a sampling rate of 1000Hz at 20 bits per sample, we ensure that you can collect more data per second that is of higher resolution. For researchers, developers or clinicians we realize the importance of quality data for accurate analysis which is why we prioritized signal quality in our new platform.
Our goal at Avertus is to make EEG as easy as possible for our customers. Dry electrodes are much easier to setup, they offer more consistent contact with the scalp and can penetrate hair. We have extensively tested our dry electrodes side by side with a wet system to ensure consistency and quality.
Our platform is an all in one place where you can collect high-frequency, high-resolution EEG data, store your data securely and analyze your data seamlessly. We use state of the art technology all the way from data collection to secure storage and analysis.
Our device can be connected to with the Bluetooth dongle that we provide or with internal Bluetooth if preferred.


We have a download link on the software page of our website for all of our complementary software.
The headset should be tightened with the Velcro straps provided so that all electrodes are making good contact with the scalp and the headset does not move when you move your head. If you see that signals on specific channels are abnormal then ensure that the corresponding electrode is directly contacting the scalp.
For cleaning information please refer to section 15 of our operating manual that was included with the headset.
Please refer to section 15 of our operating manual that was included with the headset.

Shipping and Warranty

Please refer to our Shipping and Warranty information.
Please refer to our Shipping and Warranty information.
Please refer to our Shipping and Warranty information.
We provide a water resistant carrying case, USB micro-b charger, 3 Velcro straps, 3 foam electrodes and 9 spring loaded electrodes.