What is EEG and where is it used?

  • Brandon Ro
  • Posted on September 6, 2017

EEG stands for electroencephalogram which is a test used to measure the electrical activity on the outer portion of your brain (the cortex). An EEG device is placed on your head, connected to a computer, and outputs a graph looking something like this:

Each of these lines is actually a brainwave collected from a specific location on your head. It may look abstract to you but not to worry, researchers write algorithms that help to infer things from the EEG data.

So what can you infer from an individual's brainwaves? Can you tell what people are thinking? Can you read minds? Not exactly. Traditionally, EEG has been used for the diagnosis of neurological conditions and diseases. Now, applications are moving away from clinical use and more towards research and development. Applications like neuromarketing, anxiety and depression treatments are emerging and will be talked about in future blogs. To stay up to date, sign up on our mailing list or send us an email at .